Thank you for stopping by. I'm so glad you are here.  I am Amie.I am wife to a fantastic husband who I married just last summer. I am also mom to two teens, and to a blended family of five.  And as I write this, we have a grand-baby on the way, and I will then take on the title of Mimi as well.  I am a woman with may "hats". LoL!
I love all things family and crafting.  Experimenting with soap, and artisan-style candles was a hobby. I enjoy challenging myself to come up with unique items that are bound to make someone smile.  That is how Lavender Lounge Shop was created and how I acquired the business owner hat as well.  I started playing with candles and wax embeds and the Strawberry Cheesecake candle was born.  That is my top selling dessert candle to date. As I started playing with silicone molds, and color testing, the succulent embeds were created, thus the infamous succulent candle was born.  Those candles are the second highest selling item in the shop and have been prizes and gifts at several bridal and baby showers across the country.
And my soaps, who doesn't need soap??? The watermelon and apple luffa soaps sell out each year at the holiday boutiques that I attend.  They make perfect teacher gifts or a little something to give to neighbors, the mailman, or anyone who deserves to smile.
As if that isn't enough... I love all things essential oils, and I wanted all my glass roller and spray bottles to be unique.  And with the Cricut vinyl cutter, I am able to cut custom labels for bottles and pass those same unique glassware items on to you.
And along with crafting and running a playful and organized home, I used the same vinyl cutter to help me organize the pantry. The pictures in the shop of the pantry labels, are from our actual pantry and again I wanted to share that idea with you.  So look around the shop and let me know if you have any questions. I'm happy to help you with any challenges that you have too when it comes to labeling and organizing. 
That in a nutshell is how Lavender Lounge Shop came to be, and how we continue to strive to provide fun and unique gift ideas for you, our friends and family.
Happy Shopping and be sure to favorite the shop as well so you are among the first to hear when we have a new listing.  

With much love,

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